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The STATS Group

Descriptive Statistics:

Frequencies & Crosstabs
Measures of Central Trending (Mean, Median, Mode)
Measures of Dispersion (Standard Deviation, Z-Scores, ANOVA)
Measures of Associaton (Pearsons Correlation, Gamma)
Multi-variate Analysis (Linear & Non-linear Regression, Probit, Logit, Discriminate Factor Analysis)
Structural Equation Modeling

Statistical Services at The STATS Group

Local government agency looking to analyze a community survey? 
Fortune 100 needing to develop customer satisfaction metrics?
Consulting firm seeking to differentiate your services?

We utilize the right statistical techniques for each project! From basic descriptive statistics to logit and probit regressions our experienced statisticians select the right tool for the job!

Inferential Statistics:

Statistical Significance Testing
Margins of Error


Econometric Forecasting
Price Sensitivity Analysis
Market Share Analysis
Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Concept & Product Development
Concept Message Testing
Advertising Impact Effectiveness
Market Segmentation

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